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Our Expertise – Health Care


Health care procurement and supply chain is highly complex and demanding. It can directly impact patient care.

Supply chain and procurement leaders within health care manage spend in a highly regulated and complex environment.


For physicians and clinical stakeholders, it’s not just about reducing cost.

Health care institutions are under tremendous pressure to reduce cost, but physicians and clinicians don’t want to jeopardize patient care.

A physician can’t choose an inferior pacemaker just because it has a lower price point. A Chief Supply Chain Officer needs to navigate the procurement of physician preference items analytically and prudently.


Value analysis is an essential tool for any health care supply chain executive.

We’ll dialogue with the candidate to determine how deep their skills are within value analysis.


Hospitals need the right GPO partners.

Most hospitals rely on GPO partners to take advantage of the GPO’s aggregated spend. These partnerships are complex, and only the most experienced leaders know how to optimize these relationships.

However, it is equally important for the supply chain professional to know when to utilize the GPO’s blanket agreement and when to source directly with a supplier or manufacturer.


An executive needs to build trust.

Leaders who establish a relationship on based being a “trusted adviser” with their stakeholders are more likely to be successful.


There is zero room for error or shortages.

An operating room can’t run out of sutures or any other medical supplies. It is vital to have a seamless planning process without overstocking supplies that is likely to drive up carrying costs. Even when hospitals utilize distributors, they still need excellent supply chain planning data to ensure an uninterrupted supply of goods and services.


We recruit the following roles:

  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • VP Supply Chain
  • VP Procurement
  • Director Procurement
  • Director Strategic Sourcing
  • Director of Supply Chain
  • Director of Purchasing