Search Process


We create an in-depth roadmap for every search.

We meet with the hiring manager to determine his or her needs for the role. Based on this meeting, we’ll create a:

  • Comprehensive specification for job
  • Profile of the ideal candidate
  • Roadmap for which industry sectors and companies we’ll target for candidates
  • List of initial high performers who we’ll contact


Candidate sourcing is more than using social networks.

We’ve developed an amazing network of the highest performers within procurement and supply chain over many years. We already know who the “rock stars” are for the various sectors within procurement and supply chain.

At the beginning of the search, we’ll start the process by reaching out to people who we know. We won’t stop there. Our extensive network enables us to quickly reach the right candidates.


Rigorous screening is key to our process.

Even if it’s a candidate who we’ve known for years, we’ll approach him or her with a fresh set of eyes. A candidate with a great track record isn’t automatically the right fit for a role. It has to be the right cultural fit. We also believe that a candidate needs to be passionate about the new role early on in the process.


We’ll create the short list of candidates with lightning speed.

We’ll develop a short list for the hiring managers of the best candidates for the role. Our clients have consistently remarked that our speed of executing this process is amazing.


We always create a detailed realistic assessment of every candidate that we present. We’ll communicate the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll never “sell” a candidate to a client. All candidates have strengths and weaknesses. It shouldn’t be up to the hiring manager to uncover the candidate’s weaknesses — that’s our job.

Our goal is to be an extension of the hiring manager. We’ll ask the candidate questions that no other search firm will ask.

Our industry expertise enables us to furnish a more detailed assessment than most search firms. The evaluation includes:

  • Detailed history of candidate’s procurement expertise
  • Strengths for both hard skills and soft skills
  • Weaknesses for both hard skills and soft skills
  • Impact of those strengths and weaknesses on the role


Hiring managers repeatedly tell us that they have never seen this level of detail on candidates from any other search firm.


We’ll find the right match.

The best matches occur organically, but only if you have recruited the right mix of candidates.


You shouldn’t waste time recruiting the unrecruitable.

At every stage of the recruiting process, you have to listen carefully to the candidate to determine his or her interest level and recruitability.

A candidate isn’t a great fit if he or she isn’t recruitable.


We believe in 100% transparency during the search.

We’ll communicate anything we know about the candidate to the hiring manager the minute we know it — whether it’s good or bad news.


Hiring managers regularly use our assessment tools.

We believe that our search function goes way beyond presenting good talent.

We’ll provide assessment tools for the hiring manager to evaluate the candidate’s background. Hiring managers regularly tell us that our assessment tools helped them find the right candidate.

Many hiring managers have even told us that our procurement knowledge increased the scope of their knowledge as well.


There is no substitute for being meticulous.

We want the candidate to be the right one for the long haul. We’ll never rush a hiring manager to make a decision on the right candidate before the hiring manager is ready.


The search process should be an enjoyable one for hiring managers.

Hiring managers often tell us after the search is complete that they really enjoyed the process of working with us.